Teaching Interior Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs
How To Build and Grow A Stand-Out Business!

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Teaching Interior Designers how to grow a standout business that attracts ideal clients.

Tired of "Missing the Mark"?

It’s time to have a business that stands out from the crowd. One that will have ideal clients wanting to work with you. 

A lot of entrepreneurs who are overworked and struggling with their business are creating problems for themselves that could easily be avoided. I teach them how to fix those problems and have a business that aligns with their dreams and lifestyle.

Make Your Mark University teaches you how to break the rules and color between the lines. Having your own business means working your way. I am here to help you have a foundation that will allow you to grow and make your mark in the world. We all want to be seen but we need to be connected with the right clients in order to succeed.  

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Get clear on what makes you special, discover your unique brand that tells your story and connects with ideal clients.

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Have a well-designed business that attracts the right audience with services that are profitable and best serve you.

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Learn how to connect to potential ideal clients through effective marketing and how to
close the sale.

Hi, I'm Karen Davis,

Business Strategist, Interior Designer, Mom, and Out-of-the-Box Thinker. 

You can have it all with your business!

When I first started out in my Interior Design business I felt overwhelmed, I was trying to be everything for everybody. I suffered from a loss of identity, just being who others needed me to be with my clients. Once I really worked on my brand and discovered what makes me special, my business started working for me. It gave me an ideal business and allowed me the time I wanted with my family.

Read More About My Story...

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Ready To Make Your Mark?

Here Are The Tools You Need To Build A Standout Business!

10 Secrets To
Business Success!

Simple and valuable tips when trying to grow an Interior Design Business. 

Discover my secrets to success!

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Make Your Mark 
Business Strategy Session

Struggling with a business challenge and wanting support to help you take action? 

Come ready with your top challenge and get the answers you need to move forward and take action. With this one-hour strategy session, we will deep dive into your top business challenge with me as your sounding board and advisor. 

Getting the right feedback is invaluable and can save you lots of time and energy.

I want to support you with growing your business.

(Now Accepting Interior Designers And Creative Entrepreneurs) 


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