My journey from being an overwhelmed Mompreneur to building a business I love.

I have been there wanting to go into business for myself so I could work doing what I loved to do. But for some reason, I wasn't connecting with the right clients and felt lost with what types of services to offer. Spending too many hours of wasted time marketing myself the wrong way and losing valuable time with my family. 

Mom-Guilt started to set in and really questioning, "Why am I doing this?" it just wasn't making me happy.

It was time to change things or just close the business!


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Lost and Found

I had lost my way some how. I was always an out of the box thinker that did things my way, but somehow I got lost trying to be the Perfect Mom and Perfect Designer. I was listening to what they said. "Who are they and why was I listening?" is what I finally told myself.

I then discovered that I didn't have a Mom-Friendly business. I was trying to fit in with a style that seemed to be popular with other designers and run my business the way everyone was running theirs. It didn’t suit my lifestyle and I was not being true to myself. There were times I didn’t even let clients know I was a Mom, so I wasn’t connecting with ideal clients. I then rebranded my design business as Marker Girl (Designing Mom-Friendly homes that the whole family loves) and really worked at connecting with ideal clients to create the successful business I have today. 


I love working with amazing, creative 

 Through my journey I have been able to share with other Mompreneurs what I have learned and really enjoy helping them see their own unique brand. 

What I couldn't find and still don't see are services and programs that really dig deep into the real balance of being Mom and Entrepreneur. Ones that really show how to have a brand that works for you and doesn't make you overworked and stressed is the answer to having an ideal business. 

I saw a need for better support for Mompreneurs trying to create a business that works for them. I found that a lot of programs, courses and coaches that were not focusing on the struggle and mindset issues you can have being a Mompreneur.

This is why I created Make Your Mark University and offer Coaching Services 1 on 1 to work with me, where I can offer you guidance, advice, and plans of action to help you create your mom-friendly business and be the best Mompreneur you were meant to be!

Meet Karen Davis,
The Mompreneur Behind 
Make Your Mark University

Proud Mom - I am a mother of two wonderful teenagers. It is one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life. When they were very young I longed for a creative outlet. That was when fifteen years ago I decided to jump into Interior Design and become a Mompreneur.

The Birth Of Marker Girl -The early years were a bit of struggle balancing it all and really trying to find my true self. The defining moment in my life was when my daughter was two and markered the furniture. This wasn’t just about finding products that help with life's little messes, it was really facing my messy life. That was when I decided to design my home and business to suit my lifestyle. I was determined to attract clients that wanted that same mom-friendly home and respect that fact that I was a Mom.

Over 27 Years of Experience - I spent 12 years working in management for corporations like Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Gap, and Macy’s before launching my own business. I created top-selling home and fashion departments that ranked #1 in the country.  Having that expertise along with 15 years running my own Mompreneur Design business has given me a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing and how to run a business. My biggest reward has been mentoring other Mompreneurs along the way teaching the importance of having an authentic brand.

My mission is for Mompreneurs to see their value and create an authentic
business they love!


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