Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

Are you obsessing with social media lately? Do you feel overwhelmed with marketing and not seeing a return on your time? I was obsessed in my early years with social media and was getting no leads with all of my efforts. I want to share with you the top 3 marketing mistakes I made and how I fixed them. 

Following The Crowd

If you are copying what everyone else is doing, you are suffering from Bright Shiny Object syndrome. Remember, things aren’t always as they seem to appear. I get you want to blend in and look like the top people in your field. Notice that each of them is “Making their Mark” differently because it is what makes them unique that got them to the top.  It is time to dare to be that little different and show your special something you have to offer.

If you are a cookie-cutter of the competition, then the ideal client starts shopping for the price of the service. If you create something that’s unique and you connect it through all of your marketing efforts consistently, it will ensure they value what you offer that they will pay what you are worth. Now the value is no longer price.

Focusing On The Numbers

But she has ten thousand followers, and I don’t! When the significant number becomes the main goal in your marketing, you have lost your focus. It is time to start looking at who your ideal client is and only speak to her in all you do. Why? Isn’t the main reason you are marketing is to get ideal clients who hire you and then help you achieve your profitability goals as a business owner.

Make sure to follow clients back on social media, using a newsletter to keep in touch with them.  This is letting previous clients know you are there.  Nurture the followers you have now and work on getting them to engage. You will then start to see the right kind of growth by marketing this way.

No Plan

Let’s continue with your ideal client here. What social media platforms are you using? Does your ideal client use those platforms? Don’t try to be on them all. I like to focus on one or two, and these are where my clients are engaging and finding their ideas and sources. 

If you are going to invest in help or ads, you need to have a plan of action and measure your results. Have I gained any clients from my efforts? This will be telling on what is working and what is not. Whatever did work, do more of that! 

Are you capturing leads with a good opt-in and a monthly newsletter? These are the best tools to have because you own that list. But with social media platforms, they own it and can change it up, so you don’t have access to the group of followers anymore. 

With marketing, it takes time to find your flow and, at times, requires changing it up with the ever-changing marketing platforms out there. Remember to step back when you feel it isn’t working and check-in to see if you are focusing on the wrong thing. It is what works for you that matters and not what everyone else is doing. 


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