Be You - My Business Mantra

I find people who are the most vocal about putting down your new ideas are the ones who won't take a chance at something themselves.  I fell into that trap when I first became a Mom constantly trying to do what everyone else was doing when I stayed home with my kids those first few years.  I so wanted to start my business but when I would try to talk about it to some of the other Moms I was not encouraged. I call it the "follow the leader" syndrome.

The best advice given to me when I was young was from my grandmother, “You worry so much about what others think, just be yourself.” In 2005 shortly after her death, just a few years after becoming a Mom, I went to Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life Tour” live event in Dallas, TX. I was trying to find my own way and what I wanted. I drove up by myself without knowing anyone that was going to be at the event. There Oprah said throughout “Be authentic, Be yourself.” Wow! It was like my grandmother was right there. It was at that moment I felt pushed to make the decision to venture out with my own Interior Design business, encouraging homeowners to create beautiful interiors I was so happy and really ready. It took a few years to really take that advice at heart really being true to myself.

Are you doing that with your business, really just following the stiflers in your life? Why not just do what you really want and stop listening to them? Become the leader, do your own thing with your business and your life. It is freeing. Trust me you will be much happier and you'll connect with the right people who support you!

 Be You Business Tips - Here are a few tips to "Be You" with your business!

Be Bold - How about trying something out of the box, like post a video talking through something you do. Try to really niche down on things. I hear you saying it "what would people think if I went that bold?" It is your business and you need to be bold by being you so that you can enjoy your business every day. Stop worrying about what others think in your industry and start caring about what your ideal client wants to hear from you.  

Show off what you are doing and have accomplished. Don't be shy to let people know who you are and what you have done. Try to post at least once a month on something you have accomplished.

Make Room for New - Stop holding on to methods and ideas because you feel obliged to follow others. This is your business, not theirs. Replace those methods or ideas with ones that feel right for you. Running a business is about standing out from the crowd so it is time to show them the real you! 

Happy Everything! Karen


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