How To Stand Out In Your Business

Why do some people seem to stand out and others don’t? I hear, “How lucky was she to get that article or shout out.” “Why is it they seem to be getting all of the attention. I am doing the same thing she is….” Or are you?

What you could be doing is undervaluing your uniqueness. You may feel it is too showy and braggy or that you have to follow some sort of invisible rule book. Here is the thing about being an entrepreneur you can break the rules.

When you first start your business, you have a dream of how it will be. A perfect scenario probably from what you have seen from others you aspire to be like. You are forgetting that you have something special, and it is important for you to show who you are so you stand out!  

In my Interior Design business, I have clients who won’t turn on their lights when I first come to their home. I ask them, “Can we turn on the lights?” They do but feel like their home isn’t good enough to turn on the lights. Is that the reason you are not sharing your uniqueness because you think it isn’t good enough? My favorite part of my design process is when I come in, do that final walkthrough, and my clients proudly turn the lights on. 

Let’s get you to turn on the lights. Here are some key ways to have your business stand out!

Don’t Follow The Crowd - Just because you see many people doing the same thing doesn’t mean it will work for you. It stunts the growth of your business and stifles your creativity. First, stop looking at your competition for ideas; instead, look at others you admire outside your industry and what makes them stand out to you. This can then become a guide to help you create your unique messaging and offerings. 

Tell your story - Your about is what you should always work on first. Why are you in business? This is the first thing we need to let the audience know simply why then work in more personal details of how you got into the business in the first place. Your ideal client needs to identify with you. “Those People” you seem to feel are getting the attention have managed to tell their story well, and you can do the same just make sure it is your story. 

Use Your Voice - Tap into your personality when writing and talk to them like you are talking to a friend. A great practice tip is to audio record copy or posts you may want to write. It needs to sound authentic and real. You want to attract clients who feel like they are hearing a familiar voice when they first speak to you.

Listen to Your Clients - For those of you working already with clients, why is it they hired you from others. Don’t be afraid to ask them. It can be a real eye-opener and help you see how you stand out from the crowd they were looking at before hiring you. 

Value your Expertise - What is it you are really good at and love doing? Are your services based on what other people in your industry offer?  If they are, then ask yourself, is that what I really want to do. There is no real rule book on how and what you offer in your services. The most important thing is valuing what you can offer them. It then becomes so easy to sell that value because you are selling your passion. 

Visual Appeal -  Everything you do needs to be branded to your style, from your website to the documents you send clients. Make sure it looks professional and easy to ready, but it needs to have your branded look showing your unique style. Your portfolio and professional shots should be the same professional but show your own unique style.

It’s time for you to stand out and show how you are unique. Turn on your lights so you can be seen!


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