Perfectly Imperfect

“Perfectly Imperfect” a phrase I have heard a bit over the years. It is the phrase I love and embrace personally and professionally.

I attended a conference a few years ago in New York. It started off not so perfectly. I ended slipping in the street and scraped my leg pretty badly. I had a great wardrobe planned that would only show the horrible knee scrap. Not a great way to make a first impression.

By the third day, I was determined to wear my dress and got myself made up to look presentable, scrapes and all. I was walking down the street with my New York “nobody mess with me” attitude. Then I hear a man say, “Ma’am, excuse me, Ma’am”. I was thinking, “Oh please don’t bother me!” And I turned around and said, “What do you want?!!” He said, “Ma’am you have a roller in the back of your hair.” OMG! I was so embarrassed at first and then I just started laughing hysterically. I think he thought I was crazy with me laughing, scraped up knee and roller in my hair! There I was thinking he was the crazy one.

We all have these moments where things don’t go our way or put us in our place. So my lesson here is don’t take everything so seriously and plan for those bumps in the road (literally for me).

How to conquer perfectionism and celebrate being perfectly imperfect.

Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan - When you are working on your business remember that nothing ever really goes according to plan. So lighten up a bit and have a good laugh when those unfortunate things happen.

Mix It Up -  I call it “mess your hair up a little”. It is the moment when I say we are going to mix things up a bit. That we will change things for you so you are being true to yourself and expressing who you are in your business. Overall the goal is to make it authentically yours. I generally find people get stuck with the thought that it has to be a certain way (the perfect way) because they said it does. Who are they? If you really like it then it is okay, and you will so much happier because of it.

Just Do It – Don’t wait for it to be perfect or to be the perfect time. There will never be that perfect time. So what are you waiting for? Just do it, hold on and enjoy the bumpy ride. Show off how perfectly imperfect you are because the world needs what you got.

I now celebrate being perfectly imperfect more than ever and it is so much fun!

Happy Everything! Karen


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