Make Your Mark 
Business Strategy Session

I give you the answers, direction, and tools you need to move your business forward with confidence.

Make Your Mark Power Hour

I give you answers, direction, and tools you need to move your business forward with confidence during these powerful sessions.

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 Are you struggling with a challenge in your business and need a strategy to take action on the solution?

 Using my years of expertise in running my own business, we will spend one hour working on solving the most challenging problems you are having in your business! We can move your business forward by creating an action plan to give you the tools and direction you need during this breakthrough session.

Whether you are a creative business owner wanting to take your business to the next level or just starting your business, getting good feedback is invaluable. 

This session can be used to talk about any area of your creative business. Here are ways my  Clients have used the sessions. 

You aren't attracting ideal clients and want to know why. Needing my feedback on your current messaging. You are wanting help with what to offer with services. You want to brainstorm ideas on how to grow your business. These are just a few ways we can use the session. How to use it is ultimately your choice. Consider me your advocate and mentor during these sessions that can help you better plan your ideal business with my 16 years of experience.

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A Business Strategy Session Includes:

  • A one-hour 1:1 video call where we focus on your top challenges to brainstorm so you can move forward in having an ideal business.

    *(because I want to be able to deep dive into your biggest challenge there is a limit to 2 challenges per session)

  • A video recording will be sent to you after the call.

  • You will also receive a video guided Take-Away Action Checklist is emailed to you recapping what we discussed, so you can start making your mark in your business right away! 

  • A packaged bundle of more sessions can be offered after the first session.


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Book your Make Your Mark Business Strategy Session instantly and you’ll have your hour scheduled on my calendar!

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Fill out the in-depth questionnaire that helps us prepare for our call. A zoom link will be sent to you for the day's session. 

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Relax and have fun while we work together on building an Action Plan for your biggest challenges.

Today is the day to Make Your Mark in your business! 

 Book Instantly - $400 

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